Before Tests & Treatment

Information about fees and charges would normally be made available before treatment – even if someone else is paying your bill, you are responsible for paying any charges which they do not pay.  

1.Tests and their cost

Any tests will usually have been discussed during the consultation. Tests that are performed in the Radiology (X-Ray) department or the Pathology Department, may involve fees by other Consultants.

2.Results of Tests

Results of tests will normally be written to you.  Patient are very welcome to visit clinic at any time if you wish to discuss these directly – please click HERE for fees.

3.Treatment and its cost

During your consultation, the treatment and it’s purpose are usually been discussed with you. If another consultants services are needed,  please contact the Hospital to enquire about their fees.

Any Consultant fee for Mr Khafagy is an estimate and does not include other Consultants Fees or a Hospital fee – for information on these, please contact the hospital concerned. 

4.Extra Costs

All treatment carries risks and unforeseen complications are possible that may, for example, require further treatment or a longer than anticipated stay in hospital.  The costs associated with such additional care is not usually provided in any estimate.  

If your treatment is being carried out under a Fixed Price or ‘Price Promise’, please be assured that this continues to apply.  You should read carefully the terms and conditions relevant to the package price which will clarify what is – and what is not – covered in that package price. This will not normally include any clinic follow up appointment.

5.Following treatment

After treatment, a follow-up appointment in clinic may be needed. However, with very minor procedures, there may be no need for you to attend for a further appointment following the treatment, but in that instance, you are very welcome to make an appointment to come back if you wish – please click HERE for Fees.

6.Dates of tests / treatments / operations

All tests / treatments / operations are subject availability of the necessary resources so that they can be performed safely and effectively. We do not provide treatments that are deemed as emergencies – in that instance we ask that you attend your nearest NHS Emergency Department.